Leather Wrap Bracelets

Versatility in Style for Everyone

Having a leather wrap bracelet as part of your outfit is very cool these days, and there are several styles of these bracelets to choose from. It can either be a single, double, or triple wrap. Simply put, this just means the number of times the bracelet’s leather strap gets wrapped around your wrist!

The leather wrap bracelet also comes in different colors, sizes, and designs. There’s so much more to this bracelet other than the black nailed in leather cuffs that usually comes to mind! Depending on the color, size, or design, this accessory can complement an outfit may it be glam, modern, rock, designer, or boho style. Some get made to be worn by either men or women due to their unisex design, while others that are larger in width are for menswear.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to wear them too tightly wound around your wrist. Wearing bracelets with a little more space around your wrist will make your arms appear more slender.

While a wide leather wrap bracelet is intended as menswear as mentioned earlier, it is really up to you as the wearer to choose what suits you best, especially if you can pull it off well. For example, thick leather cuffs balance out the sexy feminine look of dresses and skirts.

Leather cuffs accentuated by conical rivets or metal studs are best for men’s use as these styles were originally popularized by groups such as Hell’s Angels and mainly signify membership in the group. Some women like to use this bit of menswear to complete their outfit. To scale down on the manliness factor, you can consider ones that have buckles or chains instead of rivets or studs. Either way, these accessories make a jeans, shirt and boots ensemble quite fashionably hot.

Veering towards the more feminine side is leather bracelets accentuated by Swarovski stones. As these stones or crystals come in many different colors and cut, you can easily find one that is unique and can be worn with some your outfits. Swarovski crystals are mainly known for their elegance, making bracelets with these stones an excellent choice to wear with an evening dress. Their style also works well with day wear such as office attire.

When it comes to the leather bracelet color, you can stick to the classics such as tan, brown, and black. However, there’s no harm in being adventurous with gold, pale blue, purple, or silver leather bracelets. Consider the combination of pink leather dotted with purple Swarovski crystals – just stunning!

Lastly, let’s talk about clasps – these are often a choice between looks over functionality. Whichever you are inclined to choose, we recommend looking into discreet yet stylish clasps such as buckles, popper studs, or stud closures that come in either brass, silver, or gold. With these tips, we hope choosing the right leather wrap bracelet will be a breeze.

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